Best new tech for golfers

In the modern game, golf and technology have grown inextricably intertwined. The benefits are obvious in education, club fitting, and game performance. These are some of the finest examples of golf technology, ranging from launch monitors to lasers.

Bushnell Phantom 2

The new Phantom 2 improves on its predecessor by including improved GPS distances and convenience measurements in a smaller, easier-to-read device.

It enables adjustable pin placements and more precise distances, while accounting for distances according to where the player is playing.

The Phantom 2 features 40 percent bigger font. It also features technology that allows it to magnetically connect to the arm of a cart or metal buggy for rapid reference. It also has a battery that lasts more than 18 hours per charge.

Bushnell iON Edge

The Bushnell ION EDGE GPS watch has many of the same capabilities as the Phantom 2 GPS device. But it has a new touchscreen.

The ION EDGE features a 15-hour battery life, GreenView, and Dynamic Green Mapping capabilities. This is in addition to yardages displayed on your wrist.

The ION EDGE immediately detects courses and progresses holes after connecting with the Bushnell Golf App for more than 38,000 globally mapped layouts. This leaves the user’s primary task to concentrate on the distance and play the shot.

It is available in two different colors and includes a scorekeeper and shot distance calculator.

Bushnell Wingman

Golf technology, like the rest of the digital world, is continuously evolving. And Bushnell’s Wingman is designed to meet the diverse requirements of today’s golfer.

More golfers are deciding to enhance their game with music. Bushnell merged its main business of measuring distance with high-quality audio with the Wingman.

The speaker uses BITE technology to attach to a cart arm, plays a golfer’s chosen app’s music while also connecting with Bushnell’s own program. This provides audible front, center, and back green distances with the touch of a button on the remote control.

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The monitor can be used both indoors and outdoors. It comes in a conveniently portable size and uses a mobile smartphone to provide the player with all the valuable info they could need.

The Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor is used by many golf teachers and recreational players alike. It provides precise shot distance, clubhead speed, shot form, smash factor, ball speed, launch angle, and direction.

Bushnell Pro XE

Bushnell’s laser rangefinders are the most popular on the PGA Tour. They come with a variety of capabilities, with the Pro XE at the top of the list.

According to the firm, the Pro XE is the longest, most accurate, and most consistent golf laser rangefinder ever made. It uses an algorithm that more accurately replicates ball trajectories. The Pro XE is fully waterproof and accurate to one yard. It is capable of measuring 500 yards or more to a hole. It also has a revolutionary bit of technology which locks onto flags and signals to the user when the target has been captured. To make the rangefinder tournament legal, Bushnell’s BITE technology allows the Pro XE to be switched on and off with a switch.

Swing Caddie SC300I Launch Monitor

The Swing Caddie SC300i is the newest addition to Performance Brands Australia’s portable launch monitors. It sends swing and ball flight information directly to your phone or tablet.

The device connects through Bluetooth and delivers audible distances. It produces spin rate, launch angle, and apex data using Doppler radar technology and air pressure sensors. A remote control adds to the user friendliness.

PRGR Portable Launch Monitor – Practice Partner

Every golfer strives to improve their game. The PRGR launch monitor enables them to do so without spending a fortune and from anywhere.

The gadget measures clubhead speed without requiring a ball to be hit. It utilizes its database of swings to provide accurate forecasts, while players can also evaluate the impact of actually striking a golf and the pressure of a result on their swing.

With metre measures and no requirement for golf balls, the PRGR launch monitor may be utilized in the garden or on the back nine.

Sureshot PINLOC 6000iPSM Laser Rangefinder

Sureshot’s PINLOC 600iPSM incorporates a variety of technologies and measurement capabilities. It provides any distance a golfer might want in an easy-to-read and precise manner.

The Priority Loc feature of the device fixes on the target, while the Pinloc feature locks on and indicates the distance for 15 seconds. The 600iPSM vibrates once on your intended target and features a magnetic component for ease of use. It also includes a Scan Mode to scan complete areas with distances displaying quickly.

The PINLOC 600iPSM is water and shock resistant, and it is intended to fit comfortably in either hand.

Sureshot Axis GPS Watch

Sureshot’s AXIS GPS watch may be worn as a basic wristwatch due to its attractive appearance. However, its golf skills make it a must-have piece of golf technology.

More than 38,000 courses are available for play, complete with front, center, and back green measures, distances to hazards, shot distance measuring, and scoring options.

The AXIS GPS watch can save 10 scorecards and has a battery life of up to a month in normal mode and 12 hours in golf mode.

Trackman Launch Monitors

Trackman launch monitors are undoubtedly familiar to any golfer who follows the game. The little orange boxes are a regular fixture behind virtually every Tour pro on the range and help to create numbers in TV coverage.

The devices are also a staple in fitting and instructional settings, capable of amazing measurements, and may be used as part of simulator setups.

The 3e Trackman uses Single Radar Technology to generate a shot’s 3D trajectory with 26 impact and ball flight variables in real time.

The Trackman 4 is smaller, lighter, and quicker than the Trackman 3e and, like the 3e, links to a smartphone or tablet for convenience of use.